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Golf Course Etiquette: What Fans Need To Know

8:26 AM, Aug 16, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- It's easy to get excited and get caught up in the action when you're watching golf.  

But if you're planning to be a spectator at the Wyndham Championship, there are unwritten rules of the golf course that you need to know.

First and foremost, areas of the golf course are roped off to fans.  

"This is the players' office door.  You're not going to go barging into their office.  The fans can't go any further than the ropes," said Rocky Brooks, Director of Golf at Sedgefield Country Club.

"There are several places on the course, where the marshals will drop the rope, so you can cross the fairway. But when the rope's up, you stay behind the ropes."

Also, simply walking and talking can be distracting to players.
"We're talking, the winner is going to win nearly a million dollars. And you don't want to be talking while they're about to hit a shot that could be worth a lot of money!  You wouldn't want them barging into your office on the phone, which could be loud and disruptive," said Brooks.

A good rule of thumb, if a player is walking, you can walk.  If they're not, you need to stop.  And as soon as a golfer approaches the ball, you need to stop talking too.

Cell phone use is another area of golf course etiquette.

"If you need to be on your cell phone, you can use it in the concession areas. There are a number of concession areas on the golf course. That's the only place you're allowed to use your cell phone," said Brooks.  

When you arrive, your cell phone needs to be silenced.  And you're not allowed to take pictures during play.

And lastly, you'll likely work up an appetite if you're watching golf all day, but you need to keep your snacks in the concession area.

"You wouldn't want someone walking into your office opening a bag of potato chips and eating potato chips.  And you're in their office.  And they can hear you.  They can hear the bag rustling. You need to be respectful of the players and be quiet," said Brooks.


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