Keeping Safe During Bad Weather At Wyndham Championship

5:00 PM, Aug 6, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Hundreds of people will be outdoors watching some of the nation's top golfers as we host the Wyndham Championship next week.

So News 2 wanted to know, what are the Wyndham's severe weather plans? 

News 2 found out: PGA officials will pass out severe weather information at the event. PGA meteoroglists will also post weather warnings on scoreboards on the course.

The warnings will ask people to take action and seek shelter.
But you have to take your eye off the action on the course... Pay attention... And heed those warnings.

"I think the biggest obstacles that we face is getting people to heed the warning and listen to what we say. So many times, people don't feel like it's going to happen to them and they don't take the action we are requesting or recommending that they take," said Alan Purdue, Guilford Emergency Management Services.

According to the National Lighting Safety Institute, here are some things to remember:

1. PLAN in advance your evacuation and safety measures. When you first see lightning or hear thunder, activate your emergency plan. Now is the time to go to a building or a vehicle. Lightning often precedes rain, so don't wait for the rain to begin before suspending activities.

2. IF OUTDOORS...Avoid water. Avoid the high ground. Avoid open spaces. Avoid all metal objects including electric wires, fences, machinery, motors, power tools, etc. Unsafe places include underneath canopies, small picnic or rain shelters, or near trees. Where possible, find shelter in a substantial building or in a fully enclosed metal vehicle such as a car, truck or a van with the windows completely shut. If lightning is striking nearby when you are outside, you should:

A. Crouch down. Put feet together. Place hands over ears to minimize hearing damage from thunder.

B. Avoid proximity (minimum of 15 ft.) to other people.

3. IF INDOORS... Avoid water. Stay away from doors and windows. Do not use the telephone. Take off head sets. Turn off, unplug, and stay away from appliances, computers, power tools, & TV sets. Lightning may strike exterior electric and phone lines, inducing shocks to inside equipment.

4. SUSPEND ACTIVITIES for 30 minutes after the last observed lightning or thunder.

5. INJURED PERSONS do not carry an electrical charge and can be handled safely. Apply First Aid procedures to a lightning victim if you are qualified to do so. Call 911 or send for help immediately.

For spectator information, visit the PGA Tour Tournament Guidelines. And click on the PGA's tournament rules, regulations & polices.

WFMY-TV News 2 is the official station for the 2012 Wyndham Championship.

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