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10:29 PM, Feb 3, 2014

Tonight: Partly Cloudy Early Then Clouds Increasing Late. Low: 31.

Tuesday: Cloudy, Chilly, and Damp. 70% Chance of Light Rain or Drizzle. High 40.

Wednesday: Mostly Cloudy. 70% Chance of Showers. High 59.

Thursday: Partly Cloudy. High 45.

Friday: Mostly Cloudy. 30% Chance of Rain or a Wintry Mix. High 40.

Saturday: Cloudy with a 60% Chance of Showers. High: 42.

Sunday: Cloudy with a 60% Chance of Showers. High: 42.

Weather Summary:

The first of several storm systems moved through Monday morning to open the door to more rain days ahead. The Triad received around a quarter of an inch of rain with up to around 0.80" of rain over the Foothills.

This storm system tracked to the northeast to allow high pressure to briefly move in through the first half of Monday night. The clouds will increase Monday night into early Tuesday morning as moisture begins to return out of the south.

Light drizzle will be possible early Tuesday morning as temperatures bottom out in the low 30s. Light freezing rain will be possible for a short period of time before temperatures warm back above freezing. There will be no impacts from freezing rain or drizzle.

Light scattered showers will develop across the Triad Tuesday afternoon as a cool northeasterly flow only allow temperatures to warm to near 40 degrees. Scattered showers will remain in the area through Tuesday night into the first half of the day on Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon this second storm system is expected to exit the region and allow some sunshine and warmth to return to the area. High temperatures Wednesday afternoon will be in the upper 50s.

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