Is Pet Insurance Worth The Cost?

5:08 PM, Jul 24, 2013   |    comments
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Undated - Taking your furry friend to the vet can cost a lot, so should you buy pet health insurance? Brassfield Animal Hospital says about only one percent of its four-legged patients are covered. Veterinarian Ralph Yerex recommends it so your pets are covered. It provides a safety net so they don't have to make that horrible decision where gee my pet needs $5000 for having his pelvis plated because he got hit by a car - I can't afford that. I have to put him to sleep.

Doctor Yerex says you should think about these points: Most policies don't cover routine care. Your premiums can range from $10 to $90 a month. You will have deductibles and co-pays, and you may find caps on payouts. He recommends you do some homework.

"Just like with any business, any product out there, there's good and there's bad. Read the fine print," he said.

Consumer Reports pretty much agreed across the board.

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