Which Retailers Have The Best Price Matching Policies?

5:54 PM, Jul 3, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Whether you like the shopping experience or not, the one common denominator is-- none of us wants to see what we bought at another store for less than we paid.

Comparing prices on the spot with a smart phone app before you buy is one way to get around it. But what about getting stores to honor a competitor's lower price? 

Price match policies vary widely across the board. Cheapism looked the at the major chains and rated JC Penney's, Lowe's Home Improvement and Target the best.

They say JC Penney's open-ended price-match policy gives managers broad authority to grant customers lower prices. Lowe's not only matches competitors' prices but throws in an extra 10%. And Target recently changed its low price promise to match online stores including Amazon.

So where were the problem spots? We talked to Louis DeNicola who wrote the article for Cheapism.

"Well in calling stores, I was surprised to find that, sometimes, store representatives don't know about their price-matching policies, and so I would ask them, 'Oh if I bring in a competitor's ad will you match it?' And they just simply wouldn't know. Even, sometimes, managers would be a little bit unclear about their own store's policies," he said.

So who fared worst? DeNicola said Sears and Kohl's are the least permissive retailers researched. But DeNicola said each store is a little different.

"It is a little strange stores won't match their own on-line prices, at times, but on the other hand, stores are so large now-a-days that there on-line division might be different. One way to get around that, most often, is to order an item on-line and have it shipped to the store which is usually done through them at no charge," he said.

Don't miss Cheapism's great chart of all the stores' policies.

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