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2WTK: Is An Internal Gas Line Plan Worth The Cost?

10:55 AM, May 29, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- $4.99 - about how much you'd pay for your morning latte. Or according to a flyer going out to PNG customers, it could go to help protect your home. The company is teaming up with Home Serve to offer an interior gas line warranty plan. But 2 Wants to Know: should you just keep getting your coffee? Is that coverage worth it?

For about $60 a year, the warranty plan covers up to $3,000 in repairs on the natural gas lines running inside your home. Home Serve says there are three areas where your pipes can have problems:

  • The gas safety shut-off valve - almost $200 to fix on average,
  • Needing to replace a section of the pipe - about $300 damage.
  • Repairing a section of pipe to your furnace - more than $450.
Add it up, and it seems like big savings, but not so fast. We spoke with a few home insurance agents who say these things hardly ever break causing serious problems. And a pipeline repair person says less than 10 percent of homeowners will have an issue with their gas lines this year. He adds most of the time it's not because of equipment failure but rather user error.

"We've had some where a homeowner has been trying to install a grill, a gaslight, or something on their own, a pool heater, and landscaping will also do it. Where they started to dig a hole in the ground and hit the gas line and had to have it repaired," Phil Edwards of Edward $ Mills Gas Piping said.

A spokesperson for Home Serve declined to release what percentage of their customers actually make a claim every year. But he did say the plan isn't just about saving money. The spokesperson says with the program you're getting a trained technician who actually works with the gas company. Without it, you have to find someone on your own to fix problems with your gas pipes.

If you have to do that, you can find an updated list of BBB accredited pipe repairmen in the Triad on their website.

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