It's One Surprise After Another

10:23 PM, Nov 7, 2006   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- It was another Friday night. We thought Labor Day weekend was a long night in the arrest of a Fort Bragg soldier, this was much longer. The man arrested today was the type that made everyone’s stomach turn. The team was waiting for a 50-plus-year-old man driving from the beach to meet our decoy. In his chat, he says he is going to stop in Raleigh and drop off a friend at a motel. They were going to go to the NC State game the next day. He then would continue on to Greensboro. His chat logs were revolting. He recognized the decoy was underage and that he could get in trouble, but he got more and more graphic. We arrived in the early evening about 7:00 pm. You always have to be ready early in case the suspect shows up early. The decoy ended up talking to the suspect on the phone. This was not the first phone call, but this one was different. The man had a change of plan. He would not come up to Apartment X at first. He wanted to meet in the parking lot. You could really call what happened next a calm frenzy. The plan for his arrest had to be changed. The most important thing was the security and safety of the decoy. They decided they would take him down in the parking lot. The decoy would stay on the sidewalk out of harms way. She would be out there so he could see her and drive up to her. Once he identified himself, the deputies would move in on him. He specified a time he would be there, 10:15pm, and he was right on time. We could actually watch part of it happening from the window. Our team with the approval of the Sheriff’s Department decided to put our cameraman inside the Sheriff’s car. The rest of us stayed up in the apartment for safety reasons and to cause less suspicion. As we watched, he pulled in to a parking spot right below Apartment X. He walked towards the building, and we could clearly identify him from the photo he sent. All of the sudden, he turns around abruptly and runs back to his car. At first, we all thought that he got wind of the operation. But, he slowly backed out and drove over to where the decoy was located. He pulled into a spot, and once he was identified, the sheriff’s arrested him in the blink of an eye. Even though we did not get to question him, what we then found out really shocked me. As detectives were going through is car, they found lubricant, a rubber glove and condoms in the glove compartment. But, that’s not all. Then, we learned that the man previously served time for indecent liberties with a minor. If that doesn’t send a chill up someone’s back, I don’t know what will.

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