Greensboro Fire Crews Return To Work After Massive Fire

12:06 AM, Feb 3, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- Several fire crews who responded to the massive fire at a Greensboro Auto Body Shop returned to work Sunday.

"I got ready that morning, put our stuff on the truck and we are ready to go back to work," said Jonathon Gordon a Greensboro Firefighter at Station 1.

Gordon and members of his station company were at the fire that broke out on Thursday.

"When Thursday hit, we as a company were there but we weren't involved in the rescue but we watched and witnessed heroes. They were heroes. The guys who put their lives on the line to save another firefighter," said Fire Captain Don Smith.

The firemen at Station 1 said, Thursday's fire really put the dangers on duty into perspective.

"To say we are not changed that's not true, our day to day routines haven't changed. But our outlook on things have changed. Our respect for each other, our love for each other, us taking each other for granted. I think won't be much in the future." 

"You can't change the way you go about this job, just because of what happen Thursday. You have to trust your training. You got to go with what you know and what you have been taught," said Mike McClain a 4-year Greensboro Firefighter.

"We have things that we have to look at every day that are dangerous. But you sort of deal with it," said Gordon.

"The calls are not going to stop. There is going to be another fire and it may not be today and it may not be tomorrow but there is going to be another fire in the city of Greensboro. And you can't bet your bottom dollar that we are going to be there and go do our job the way we should," said McClain.

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