Firefighters: We Are Family

7:28 PM, Jan 31, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Many of the firefighters who worked to put out the flames at Import Knights, Thursday, spent the day resting, Friday. Greensboro firefighters work 24-hour shifts and spend about a third of their lives together.

Firefighters train for dangerous situations. However, every fire is different. You never know what you're going to find inside a building or what could happen.

"It's definitely a learning experience for younger guys. We try to pay attention and learn from these things," Firefighter Tim Carrier said. "A lot of the guys you meet in the fire department are doing it for the people. They're not doing it to get recognized or be heroes or anything like that. They really love helping people and the city of Greensboro." Carrier joined the department about two years ago.

Greensboro Fire Department Division Chief Michael Swails has worked for the department for 25 years. "There's always the unknown out there. The worst case scenario. That is part of our job to prepare for that, obviously hoping that never comes, but when it does come, we are trained to handle that situation," Swails said. "It's just something that people feel called to do."

Swails said it's always difficult when fellow firefighters get injured. "It's a very serious time. There is a lot of thinking, reflecting. A lot of thinking about what we've been through. Our training. There's a lot of togetherness...We're a family," Swails added.

It's a job that could cost them their lives, but firefighters are willing to make that sacrifice to help keep the city safe.

"We know that this is just part of our job description and what we signed up for and what we train for," Carrier said.

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