Greensboro Has Repaired 156 Potholes Since Jan.1

9:55 PM, Jan 27, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- After prepping roads for snow and ice, maintenance crews try to keep up with patching potholes.

David Munoz, the supervisor for Greensboro Street Maintenance explained that in the cold weather, the road will contract and expand below the surface causing the asphalt to crack and create potholes.

"Potholes are here. They're here to stay. We're always going to have potholes. We just try to keep up with them," said Munoz.

Mechanics at the Greensboro Body Company worked on two cars Monday that were damaged by potholes.

One car needed a new stabilizer link and lower control arm. Both are connected to the cars' alignment. Another car bent a strut when the driver hit a pothole. The car needed a whole new strut.

Scott Johnson, the owner of Greensboro Body Company said you're looking at anywhere from $200 to $2,000 worth of damage from a pothole.

"It just looks like part of the pavement until you're right on top of it and if you're at speed, there's just no way to avoid it, there could be another car next to you, you got nowhere to go, the choice is hit it," said Johnson.

Greensboro has received 56 calls for potholes repair. Winston-Salem has had 50 requests for repairs. Both cities take a proactive approach by sending out crews to find and repair any potholes they find. Greensboro has already repaired 156 since the start of 2014.

To report a pothole in Greensboro, call 373-CITY(2489). In Winston-Salem, call 727-8000.

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