Greensboro Crews Say 10 Water Main Breaks Due To Up & Down Temps

10:10 PM, Jan 27, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- Multiple water main breaks were reported in Greensboro Monday.

"Unfortunately, this is a part of day to day life," said Joseph Holden.

Holden works for the Water Resources for the City of Greensboro.

"Some of these lines that broke today, probably did get shutdown. We try to fix them quickly so it doesn't have some much impact. When we shut it down, the line still has pressure on it. So, customers can still pull off that line until all pressure has been exhausted," said Holden.

The first water main break was reported on Sunday night at 7PM at Friendly Avenue & Greene Street. The others would break into the overnight and into Monday morning.

"As temperatures rises and fall, the ground shifts and when those shifts happens it puts extra stress on our lines. When that happens, if the line is not in bad repair of age of some sort. It can break. And we often see that during these extreme changing of temperature."

There were 10 water main breaks called into the city.

Water Main Locations Reported Monday:                                       

  1. Friendly Av. & Greene St.
  2. 1212 Whilden Pl. 
  3. 1603 Battleground Ave.
  4. 1005 Pamlico Dr.
  5. 3302 Starmount Dr. 
  6. 509 Overlook St. 
  7. 1446 Whilden Pl.                            
  8. 3600 W. Friendly Ave.                                        
  9. 1837 Mimosa Dr.                                               
  10. 3600 W. Friendly Ave.                                        

"We all wish we had X-ray vision and could see below ground and anticipate what's going to break next. Unfortunately, we can't so we have to make those repairs as they arise. We try to do continue maintenance to prevent any repairs that are unnecessary."

Crews spent most of the day repairing and restoring water lines.

"Anywhere we have water main breaks, we make sure that traffic control is established for our crews' safety, in some of those areas in such as this one on Battleground, travelers can expect delays because of lane closures."

Some roads were closed and other roads only had lanes reduced to allow traffic to go through.

"Water main breaks can last for two-hours to a couple of days, depending on the size of location. The depth and other restrictions we have to deal with."

And drivers WFMY News 2's Tony Smith spoke with said cold weather plus aging pipes never equals delays.

"I noticed it on my way home from lunch because I have to take my dogs out. And I didn't realized that they moved it down to one lane. I should allotted for more time."

Samantha Bach was on her lunch break when she got held up. WFMY News 2 spoke to her after she stop for an afternoon cup of coffee.

"A little bit frustrated. I was feeling a little frustrated," said Bach.

Just as crews finished fixing the water lines and restore things back to normal. A couple more water main breaks were reported.

"The biggest thing is that if temperatures drop, if you see water come out of the road, please be mindful of the dangers that are associated with and we don't want anyone to get hurt. If, you do see water on the road, please report to us as soon as you can," said Holden.

Greensboro's Water Resources Department spends a little more than $1 Million on water maintenance, which includes fixing water main breaks.

Holden said, "Every water main break is different. You can't anticipate what you are going to see or what you will find underground. Every time we open up a ground, we see things different and have to go off our past experiences but also we get a little education each time as well."

Officials encourage anyone, who might see a water main break to report it by calling (336) 373-2003.


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