Pay Attention! Things Mechanics Wish You Knew

6:10 PM, Jan 27, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- 2 Wants to Know is focused on your car this week. We're talking everything from how to buy and sell it, how to get repairs done under warranty, and even shaving off time from your commute.

Today, Allen Roy of Roy's Automotive told 2 wants to know what he wishes every car owner would do. His advice will actually keep you out of the repair shop. He said it begins with maintenance. But not just oil changes, Allen said coolant is a biggie. "It [coolant] never loses it's ability to keep your engine from freezing, but it loses it's ability to prevent rust. You can start getting rust in your engine and that causes damages to heating coils, radiators." Roy also said says most coolants are long life, so they are good for five years or 150,000 miles. They say that's why so many drivers forget to change the coolant. It's a little pricey too, around a hundred bucks.

Your owners manual has a list of all the maintenance your car needs and when. Roy said that list isn't a suggestion, and neither are those lights on your dash! "I don't know how many times people come in here for an oil change and they have the tire pressure light on and they never mentioned it. [...] The best way to ruin a tire is to run it uninflated."

And the last tidbit Allen wanted to pass along is about your driving. He admitted we all get caught in quick stop situations but when you do it constantly it can mean big problems. "You're driving along and you go until 40 miles an hour up until a red light and then your stop 10 feet from the light, really short, that's bad for your tires that's bad for your brakes."

Allen's offered some parting words to remember: life is too short to be in such a hurry. You can mess up your car, or yourself.







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