Life-Sized Titanic Replica To Be Built In China

9:19 PM, Jan 13, 2014   |    comments
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(Reuters) A life-sized replica of the Titanic is set to become the centerpiece for a new theme park in central China.

The Chinese version of "the unsinkable ship" will come at a price tag of 1 billion yuan or $165 million US dollars and will be permanently parked at a tourism resort in the little-known Daying county in Sichuan province.

So why the Titanic, and why here?

The luxury liner sank in 1912 during her maiden voyage, taking the lives of 1,500 passengers on board. Some say that building a theme park around such tragedy is inappropriate but the project has a champion in actor Bernard Hill, who played captain Edward Smith in the 1997 blockbuster movie.

The Titanic replica is set to begin construction later this year and is scheduled to be completed in 2016.


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