Greensboro: Trash, Leaves, Debris To Blame For Flooded Roads

7:12 PM, Jan 13, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. --  If you drove around this weekend, you probably saw water on the roads.

A city staff member told WFMY News 2 flooding problems are not necessarily based upon how much rain we get, but rather, how quickly the rain falls.

When you have so much rain in so little time, it puts a strain on the system. But, there's something you might be doing that's adding to the problem.

"When people throw stuff out of the windows of their cars when they're going down the road, all of that washes down and actually goes into the catch basin system," Gary Reese with the city of Greensboro said. "When you have three inches of rain in that short of a time, we're going to have some flooding issues. Most of the issues we had were from the leave and stick variety."

That debris not only clogs the system, but it also gets into ponds and streams and can pollute the water we drink. Raking leaves into the street also creates problems for the system. When it rains, those leaves wash into the system and back it up.

City crews spent much of the day Monday checking up on places that had flooding issues over the weekend.

It's also important to know that some roads in the city, such as Wendover Avenue, are actually run by the state. The city can only do so much.

On Wednesday, the city is closing the northbound inside lane of Battleground Avenue to do some storm water and road repair work. The work is happening in the 3300 block. The work should be complete by Friday.

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