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Researchers Develop Elephant Warning System For Humans In Harm's Way

11:41 AM, Jan 12, 2014   |    comments
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Scenes like these are on the rise across India and southern Africa, the result of human settlement expanding into historic elephant habitat.

It's an increasingly dangerous - and often deadly - trend, but Vienna-based scientists Angela Stoeger and Matthias Zeppelzauer believe they have a solution.They are devising an early warning system for humans at risk of attack by approaching herds, miles away. 

Biologist Stoeger recorded captive African elephants in South Africa, using an acoustic camera. Zeppelzauer wants to marry that technology with his audio enhancement software. Their conceptual device would estimate the size, gender, and age of approaching herds.

Females with infants pose little threat..but young male groups can be extremely dangerous.


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