You Won Publisher's Clearing House! Don't Get Schemed.

6:27 PM, Jan 7, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- It is that time of year where dreams of big money are all over the TV. Commercials for the Publisher's Clearing House grand prize complete with balloons and a TV crew at your front door are running right now. The drawing is usually in February.

Publisher's Clearing House is real. Which is why if you are seeing the commercials on TV and then got a call you might be inclined to believe you were the lucky one.

A 2WTK viewer got a call this week. "The guy that called said are you ready to write this down? He game me the prize number and a name. It sounded official, " says John Goodman.

John wrote down the prize number and kept the phone number from the would-be prize patrol in his phone. He called the number back while he told his story to 2WTK.

"I  have to get a green dot purchase card to get delivery of my $200,000 prize?", John repeats to the person on the phone.

OK, that was your tip-off! A real prize patrol would never ask you to give money to them so they could give you money.

Another red flag, the number he was asked to call back to claim his prize was area code 876-- Jamaica.
Publisher's Clearing House is right here in the U.S.

And last, John didn't enter the sweepstakes. No one is going to give you money for free.

















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