Know What Access Apps Need Before Downloading

12:08 AM, Jan 2, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Daniel Mungal is one of the millions of Snapchat users wondering if his information was compromised.

The popular picture sharing app was hacked, and millions of phone numbers and user names were leaked online.

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"That's my phone number. People can use that to get into other personal information of mine. And that's just jeopardizing my personal security," explained Daniel Mungal, Snapchat user.

"It's a very real world that we are living in where private information is something hackers really want access to," explained Danielle Hatfield, Owner, Experience Farm.

Danielle Hatfield is a social media expert. She says before you download any app be sure to check reviews, read the privacy policy and most importantly - know what it requires access to on your phone.

"Why does my shopping app wants access to my telephone or who I'm texting? And that's a red flag. To me as a user, that's a red flag," explained Hatfield. 

"I would very carefully consider whether I would download that app."

With a Snapchat download - you are giving the app access to your test messages, location, and phone calls. 

Daniel says he didn't check the privacy settings before installing but will now think twice before adding another app. 

"Social media in general gets a lot more information out of you and who knows who they can give it out to," explained Mungal.

Hatfield says, "Once you've downloaded an app, and they have access and your information has been compromised, there really is not much you can do."

Most apps list what information they collect and how it's shared in their privacy policies.

Hatfield says the only way to know you're truly protected is not download any apps.

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