China's Circular Building Reaches Completion

11:35 AM, Dec 29, 2013   |    comments
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This unusually shaped building in southern China is the latest innovation of architect Joseph di Pasquale. Just completed, John Ma, the China manager of architecture firm A.M. Progetti said the building was inspired by an ancient jade coin and it would become a landmark of Guangzhou city.

The reflection of the building forms a figure eight -- a lucky number in China. The squares inside the building also reference the impossibility of putting a circle inside a square. But the building -- known as Guangzhou circle -- has also been criticised for being a crass symbol of wealth and it's been nicknamed the "Copper Coin".

It will house the Guangdong Plastics exchange where nearly 50 billion dollars worth of raw plastic materials and goods are traded annually. Plastics and chemical firm Hongdaxingye Group initially poured 16.5 million dollars into the iconic building and surrounding warehouses. But the company doesn't have a final pricetag for the five-year-project.


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