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FL: Stranded Pilot Whales Gone

7:43 PM, Dec 8, 2013   |    comments
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Everglades, FL -- Wildlife officials at Florida's Everglades National Park say they'd just about given up hope of helping a pod of whales trapped in shallow water.

But after attempts to lure the whales to safety failed.

When the rescue teams arrived back at the site , they expected to find forty pilot whales right where they left them the day before, meandering in shallow water.

What they found was nothing. The whales were gone. 

A large whale pod was spotted several miles out in the Gulf of Mexico frolicking in deep water and heading on their merry way. 

While they couldn't be one hundred percent sure, the rescuers say these were likely their whales. The count seemed to match.

Biologists say once they make up their minds to leave, return engagements are rare. 

The plan now is to wait and watch, with fingers crossed.

No one can say what is was deep down in their DNA that finally got them to leave or why they were stranded in the first place.

All the efforts to herd them out to deep water ad failed.

There really didn't appear to be much hope. Eleven had already died. But now, a sign of hope. 

Sometimes maybe you just chalk it up to nature taking care of its own.


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