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Father kills son, wife with bow before attacking another son in Tallahassee

12:45 PM, Dec 5, 2013   |    comments
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Sean Rossman, Tallahassee Democrat

A South Florida man who killed his son and wife, drove to Tallahassee on Tuesday to attack his other son before killing himself in Lake City.

Pedro Jose Maldonado, 53, of Weston, is thought to have shot his 17-year-old son Pedro Jose Maldonado Jr. and wife Monica Narvaez-Maldonado, 47, with a hand-held cross bow sometime Monday, according to the Broward County Sheriff's Office. Both of their bodies were found in the family's townhouse in Weston on Tuesday afternoon.

BCSO homicide detectives are still attempting to piece together more details of Maldonado's actions on Monday and Tuesday. They do know that he headed to Tallahassee, where his 21-year-old son is a Florida State student.

Maldonado checked into the University Inn on West Tennessee Street sometime on Monday, said Dani Moschella, public information officer for BCSO.

On Tuesday morning, his son arrived at the hotel. While there, Maldonado told him "he was worried about money and that the family was possibly facing deportation back to Ecuador," Moschella said.

At just after 7 a.m. Maldonado attacked him, shooting him with the cross bow and trying to choke him. The son was hit in the ear with an arrow but was able to fight Maldonado off, according to Moschella.

Maldonado then fled the hotel. His son tried to call him but got no answer, said Moschella. He also tried to call his brother and mother as well.

Authorities say Maldonado then called a friend in Miami on Tuesday afternoon and admitted to killing his wife and son. The friend immediately notified BCSO, which started a search for Maldonado at the family's townhouse.

After finding the bodies of his family in their Weston home, authorities received information that Maldonado may be in Columbia County.

Maldonado's black Volvo SUV was found at the Cabot Lodge in Lake City. After hours of trying to contact him, the Columbia County Sheriff's Office's SWAT team entered the room to find him dead. According to BCSO, Maldonado slit his own throat.

Maldonado had no criminal history. Police were called to the family's townhouse a few months back for a burglary.

At this time, the son, now the only surviving member of his family, is cooperating with authorities, Moschella said.

"It's so early in the investigation and there's so much to piece together," she said. "I can't imagine the depths of his sadness and loss right now. It's always so shocking when a man kills his family."

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