Experts: Start Holiday Travel Planning Now

11:22 PM, Sep 25, 2013   |    comments
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If you haven't started thinking about the holidays yet, you might want to start now. If you wait a few more weeks, it could really cost you.

"You have to start looking at airfares now," USA Today travel reporter Nancy Trejos said. "You really have to book now because after mid October all the fares are going up for Christmas, New Year's and Thanksgiving."

She says if you don't buy your plane tickets in the next three weeks, you could have to pay up to 50% more.

"You should fly the Monday or Tuesday before (Thanksgiving)," Trejos said. "Wednesday is going to be a nightmare. The weekend before is going to be terrible and when you return, think about coming back Thanksgiving night or Friday. If you can wait, come back Tuesday. But avoid the weekends."

As for Christmas, Nancy says to try to fly on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to save. Avoid the Saturday before and the Saturday after Christmas. Christmas is a Wednesday this year.

Chuck Joyce, president of A Way to Go Travel, gave a second opinion on holiday plans. He said you should have booked your travel months ago.

Joyce said, "The main thing we tell our customers, book at least eight months out for Thanksgiving and Christmas travel. People who wait, now the rates have jumped up so you're paying alot higher prices."

Joyce says the key is to be flexible.

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