Colonial Apartments in Greensboro Flooded After Storm

10:51 PM, Jul 11, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -An entire building at Colonial Apartments flooded Tuesday night after storms moved through Greensboro. 

The American Red Cross responded and helped eleven residents find hotels and gave them money for food.

Residents tell WFMY News 2's Morgan Hightower the water was at least two feet inside their apartment. Outside in the parking lot, they say the water rose to at least four feet high. 

"Last night I was actually sleeping, and all of a sudden I heard a big loud bang and it was my door being kicked in, it was the firemen telling us that we had to get out," explained James Geary, Colonial Apartments resident.

He added, "They woke my kids and wife up and said we had to leave and that the red cross was coming and from the way they were acting, it was pretty serious, and it was."

"It's a traumatizing event to go through whatever it is, whether it's a house fire or a flood or whatever," said John Wilson, Red Cross Volunteer.

Wilson and his team helped several of Geary's neighbors, Tuesday night. 

"It's a comforting thing I think to see us coming," explained Wilson.

Geary returned to his apartment Wednesday to find a water mark two feet high. The carpet has to be replaced and the walls need to be repaired.

"My furniture was actually floating. We have one couch up against the back wall and it moved almost all the way to the front door. It was like a kiddie pool. A kiddie pool," explained Geary.

Eight apartments were damaged and several cars were flooded in the parking lot. 

Anais Baldwin's car was almost completely submerged in water. 
"People that was walking in it, it was up to their waist. That's how high it was and they were going and saving people that were getting caught in it in their cars," explained Baldwin.

Baldwin's car is totaled and it will be a couple more days before Geary and his neighbors can move back in.

WFMY News 2

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