Greensboro Police Start Sweepstakes Crack Down

11:36 PM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- There's no more mercy available for Greensboro internet sweepstakes businesses. A judge ruled once and for all - sweepstakes qualify as illegal gambling. Greensboro Police mercifully gave the shops a little head start to shut down on their own, or be shut down. 

Monday, we had the opportunity to ride along with detectives as they were going around to close these places. They visited 75 locations and, amazingly, they didn't have to shut any down! Lieutenant Tom Kroh with the Vice Narcotics Division said they've gotten calls from sweepstakes business owners ahead of the deadline. "So many of them are called up asking us questions, a lot of them are calling up asking if they were in compliance as they described what kind of operation, a lot of these people ran at that time a legitimate business and a lot of them want to be in compliance."

If any of the parlors re-open, police will follow up and crack down on them. Police have not checked on sweepstakes parlors that operate inside other businesses, but they plan to.

Kroh also said they had received several complaints about the sweepstakes parlors. "I wanna say mostly spouses saying that their spouse is at a sweepstakes parlor and spending a lot of money."

They conducted enforcement on what they called major corridors. Those included sweepstakes locations on High Point Road, Wendover Avenue, Market Street, Randleman Road, and all the major corridors in the city where there may be shopping centers that have sweepstakes parlors.

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