A spokesman Says Horses, Goats, Chickens And One Sheep Died Where The Animals Were Being Housed

4:19 PM, Nov 19, 2012   |    comments
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Wellington, New Zealand -- You know the American Humane Society statement you see at the end of a movie that says that no animals were harmed during filming? It doesn't take into account any animals that were harmed when they weren't filming.

Wrangers working on "The Hobbit" say the production company is responsible for the deaths of up to 27 animals, mostly because they were kept at a farm filled with bluffs, sinkholes and other "death traps." A spokesman for Peter Jackson says horses, goats, chickens and one sheep died at the farm where about 150 animals were staying. He says some of the deaths were from natural causes.

He says they could've prevented the deaths of two horses, and they quickly improved conditions after they died. The Humane Society says the animal deaths point out shortcomings in their system of monitoring animals used in movies.

Associated Press

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