75 People Attend Meeting Demanding Answers About Pilot Mountain Fire

12:34 AM, Nov 13, 2012   |    comments
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Pilot Mountain, NC--It started as a 180-acre, controlled burn that was supposed to cost $3,000. Now, it's grown to almost 1,000 acres and could cost $100,000.

On Monday night, fire experts briefed residents on how the fire started, and where they go from here.

News 2's Liz Crawford was at the meeting and spoke to several community members. Roughly 75 people who live around Pilot Mountain attended the meeting. They heard from the officials, but then they were given the chance to speak.
Overall, what went on Monday night was more of a public complaint period than a public comment.
One man passed out pictures of the fire burning close to land he owns to elected officials.

The biggest complaint of the night was the lack of communication.
"We knew nothing about the burn control whatsoever. I woke up Friday morning, called, 911, told them the mountain was on fire after seeing ashes all over my vehicles," said Kathy Ancho.
Ancho lives less than a mile from Pilot Mountain.
Tommy Ayers added, "I would like, in the future, to get an email the next time this is planned so I can make plans, also."
Many people stood up and said they didn't know about the prescribed burn. They also want updates during the containment process.

"There's a lot of things that they could have warned us all about," said Ancho.

Some people even blame the decision-making of the State and emergency officials that organized the meeting.

"They should not be allowed to vote on future burns if they gave the go ahead on this one," said Ayers.

Another concern was traffic control. Many of the people at the meeting live on small, dead-end streets. They would like more patrol around their home with so much attention on their community.

The meeting started at 7pm at Pinnacle View Baptist Church. It ended around 9:30pm. 

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