Mexican Zoo Celebrates 4 Precious Additions; Bengal Cubs

6:15 AM, Oct 11, 2012   |    comments
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The felines were born in captivity in "ZooChilpan" located in the city of Chilpancingo in the Pacific state of Guerrero.

The birth of the three male and one female Bengal quads comes just months after zookeepers relocated a male tiger to the zoo to breed with it's Mexican-born female Bengal.

"It's a male cub from a litter of four, four brothers who were born on September 19. The characteristic of this breed is that they are the children of a father who was brought to the park just three months ago. The female, his mother, was born in the zoo here 11 years ago. So, the legacy is that this is the first litter that the tiger cub is leaving at the zoo," said vet Alejandro Figueroa.

Under the watchful eye of vets, mum and cubs are reported to be in good health.

Zoo director Martha Elena Torres told Reuters the introduction of the male Bengal had proven to be a success with the cubs expected to be used in an exchange program with other zoos.

"He came here and it took the tiger three months to adapt. He was presented to the female, he impregnated her and now we are enjoying four little felines. Three males and one female. Now they are going to be with us for a couple of months as they adapt, grow a little and then will be traded between zoos. We deliver the small cats and in return receive some specie that we need," she said.

The arrival of the four Bengal cubs is a rare event with the endangered species hunted in the wild for their fur and their natural habitat under threat from development.

"ZooChilpan" has a specially dedicated feline enclosure which also features a white Bengal tiger amongst various other tiger and lion species.




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