Turkish Terrorists Hack Town Of Yanceyville's Website

11:03 PM, Sep 11, 2012   |    comments
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  • Turkish Terrorists Hack Town of Yanceyville Website
  • Turkish Flag, Getty Images
  • Turkish Terrorists Hack Yanceyville,NC Website
  • Yanceyville, NC

Yanceyville, NC-- Yes, you read correctly, Turkish terrorists hacked into a Triad town's website. Why? Aparently, because they can.

Yanceyville Town Manager Haynes Brigman says he noticed something was wrong with the town website on August 24th when he couldn't get on his town e-mail.

The town website displayed a terrorist message including a Turskish flag and text that said the town had been hacked by Turkish terrorists and several anti-American sayings followed.

Brigman contacted the town's host company and they told him the terrorists all had Chinese IP addresses and got into the Yanceyville site because the town's administrative password was weak.

"We kind of took it lightly, but yet, there's also a serious tone to it because we realized, no matter how small of a government we are, there are people out there who are going to look to attack it and deface it in any way that they can and this was an example of that," said Brigman.

The hacking didn't include any viruses and didn't hurt the town computer system. The weak password has been changed and the site was back up by August 27th.

Brigman said residents can't pay bills on the town's website, so no sensitive information was compromised.

According to Brigman, NC Information Security Services told him the terrorists were targeting numerous NC based sites and government pages.


Yanceyville is a county that has seen its share of national attention because of terrorists. In 2009, the Feds arrested a terrorist group out of Wake County who trained in Caswell County, according to court documents.

WFMY News 2/Town Of Yanceyville

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