College Pop Tarts Toast Up The Trash Talk

10:39 AM, Aug 21, 2012   |    comments
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Forget Wheaties boxes. That was so 1990s.

Pop Tarts have (momentarily) taken over cereal boxes in the cool athletics collectables category.

Five universities have partnered with Kellogg's on limited edition Pop Tarts.

Yes, Pop Tarts.

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Right when it seems like it's a slow news day, something crazy and out of the ordinary like this happens. Thank you, Kellogg's.

The boxes feature school logos and are being labeled "printed fun." As one can guess, the flavor coincides with the school's athletic team.

The flavors are as follows: Michigan's Pop Tart flavor is Go Blue Strawberry; Georgia is Bulldog Berry; Arkansas is Razorback Red; Florida is Florida Gators Strawberry; and North Carolina is Tar Heel Blue.

So, we can definitely expect die-hard fans to go crazy like THIS at supermarkets trying to shop for Pop Tarts, which are already scrumptious enough anyway.

The best part about this: The hilarious reaction on Twitter. Here's a scroll of some of the best tweets:

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"@DanWolkenUSAT: East Carolina's Pop Tarts keep applying to be Toaster Strudels #okayimdone"

"@Andrew_Gribble: MAC Pop Tarts: Unable to be toasted on Saturdays."

"@Mengus22: Maryland Pop Tarts would taste bad, but look far, far worse."

"@Mengus22: A meme is born RT @CecilHurt: Just tried the North Carolina logo Pop Tart in a taste test.I gave it a C-minus but someone changed it to an A"








 "@RobDauster: As much as we all enjoy Kentucky's Pop-Tarts it's only a matter of time before breakfast has been vacated."

"@KegsnEggs: The WAC Pop Tarts have been discontinued. : )"

Scott Gleeson, USA TODAY

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