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Overgrown Yards In Your Neighborhood? Here's What You Can Do.

4:28 PM, Jun 4, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, N.C. - We've received emails, phone calls and letters from you complaining about eyesores in your neighborhood.

Jeff Hagood told WFMY News 2, "It's kind of embarrassing when folks come to see you and they pull up and park and they want to know - has that house next door been condemned? What is that?"

Overgrown grass is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in Greensboro. Right now, the city is investigating 1,000 complaints. That's a 25 percent increase compared to last year.

What can you do if something like this is happening in your neighborhood? Let the city know.

The city relies on you to report these because it doesn't have enough staff to drive around town looking for problems.

Code Compliance Administrator, Lori Loosemore said, "Call in as soon as you're aware of it - so we can get out there. Waiting and postponing it is just going to increase your frustration as the neighbor because then something may not happen as quick as you think it should."

Even though complaints are growing, the city still only has three part-time staff members dedicated to this problem. However, other workers help them out this time of year, too.

Anyone who doesn't mow their yard or take care of their property can face fines and even foreclosure on their home if they ignore the city's warnings. Bottom line: if this is happening in your neighborhood, let the city know.

In Greensboro, it's easier than ever to report a problem. You can either call 373-2489 or check out the city's new website to report issues. Visit to let the city know about your complaint. Later, you can visit the site again to track the status of the city's involvement in the situation.

People living in Winston-Salem can call 727-8000. If you're in High Point, call 883-8517.

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