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8 Week-Old Kitten Found Meowing In Car Engine

7:12 PM, May 28, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - Lots of people traveled this holiday weekend, you might be one of them.  No matter how cramped a car can get, it's possibly a much more comfortable ride than a kitten that was found in an engine at the Piedmont Internation Airport.

"I heard him making noise in there. I tried to help him out. I know if I was an animal...I was trapped and couldn't get out, I would want someone to help me. The Avis miracle yeah the Avis miracle kitty cat," said Ronald Phelps, Avis employee.

The cat was trapped under the hood of this Avis Rent-A-Car.
The person who rented the car said they heard meowing while they were driving on the highway, but couldn't get to the kitten becuase it was wedged-in by the engine.

On Sunday, Phelps took off the car grill and the 8 week-old kitten was brought to safety with not even a burn mark.

They've named him "Tiger-Avis". The kitty survived the wild ride on Saturday.

For more information on how to adopt Tiger-Avis, visit Adopt Little 8-Week Old Tiger Avis.

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