Greensboro City Coucil Votes For Food Truck Pilot Program

11:51 PM, Sep 4, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC --Food trucks will soon hit the streets of downtown Greensboro.

On Tuesday, Greensboro City Council members voted in favor of a resolution to launch a food truck pilot program.

Currently, food trucks are not permitted to operate in downtown Greensboro.  However, some city residents have asked City Council members to allow them.

"The guys I work with, we're all well-trained chefs and understand food and want to be able to give a good product on the street," said Dallas Baker, who owns a food truck.

"It's just more variety for downtown. It allows new entrepreneurs to grow, new businesses to start. And it gives everyone downtown a lot more choice," said Baker's partner, Sam Shumaker.

On Tuesday, Greensboro City Council approved a two-month food truck pilot program. It would last through the months of October and November.

They want to see how much support there is for food trucks and whether they would take business away from traditional downtown restaurants, which is what some restaurant owners fear.

"From a business perspective, I wouldn't want one parked outside my restaurant or bar. And from a council perspective, we've got to weigh those two and find a happy medium, a compromise," said Councilman Zack Matheny.

The council plans to use what they learn during the pilot program to help them revise their food truck ordinance.

For instance, they want a better idea of whether they should require food trucks to pay taxes in Guilford County, be inspected in Guilford County, and how close to a restaurant food trucks should they be allowed to park.

"Competition is good and I think that the food trucks can bring foot traffic to downtown and maybe people will notice restaurants that they didn't before," said Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan.

Sandy Ellington, Health Educator with the Guilford County Department of Public Health, said food trucks must comply with all restaurant health regulations.

What's more, Ellington said food trucks have to be affiliated with a restaurant so they can return to it daily to re-stock their supplies and get rid of waste water. 

Ellington said food trucks used to receive either a pass or fail, but with the new food code, they are now graded just like restaurants.

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