John Boehner Re-Elected As Speaker Of The House

2:11 PM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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Washington-- Republican John Boehner of Ohio has been re-elected as speaker of the House of Representatives.

Boehner received 220 votes, with 192 going for Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and 15 voting for other candidates or present.

(CBS)-- Despite days of talk that John Boehner's future as Speaker of the House was in question, on the first day of the new 113th Congress, Boehner was reelected to his post without little drama.

Prior to the vote, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., nominated Boehner in a floor speech touting, among other things, his work to fight earmarks and his refusal to "kick the can down the road" on spending and tax issues.

Each member of the House was then called one-by-one in alphabetical order to publicly declare their vote for the next speaker. 220 Republicans voted for Boehner, 192 Democrats voted for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and 15 from both parties voted for others or abstained.

Boehner's recent handling of the "fiscal cliff" angered conservatives, some of whom have always been reluctant to follow his lead, and his last-minute move to pull a superstorm Sandy disaster relief bill from the floor, a move that initially angered lawmakers from impacted states of New York and New Jersey, led to the most recent rumblings that Boehner might not win back the speakership.

But two moves Wednesday calmed down members of the Republican conference: he scheduled votes on the Sandy relief bill and, in a meeting with Republicans yesterday, he promised them he would stop dealing directly with President Obama in future fights.

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