Use Key Words On Your Resume

9:37 AM, Feb 9, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - When you're going out on job interviews, remember your "key words."  In today's One Minute Career Check, Consultant Joyce Richman tells us how to use them in your resume and on your job hunt.  

"People say they hear the expression "key words" all the time. They want to know, what does that have to do with submitting a resume? When you submit a resume online, key words are really important. They are the words in the advertisement. They are the ones that describe the opportunity. They are the ones that even name the job," said Richman. "You want to use the identical words that are used in the advertisement. You want to be sure you insert them in your resume. The greater the number of times they appear when the scanner reads them, the greater the likelihood your resume is going to be pulled out and you get that telephone screening call. So, key words are essential. Be sure you take the time to insert them appropriately on your resume."

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