Brooklyn Man Finds Emmy In Trash

8:55 PM, Nov 24, 2013   |    comments
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NEW YORK, N.Y. -- A Brooklyn man found a gold statue in the trash and took it home not knowing it was actually an Emmy Award. Ismael Cekic's is now looking to return an Emmy he found in the trash to its rightful owner.

Ismael was walking home when he spotted the golden statuette sticking out of a box piled high with other trash and thought it looked cool so he took it home. He didn't realize what he had until he watched the Emmy Awards that aired on CBS.

The Emmy statuette is believed to be from the 50s. The problem is that it is missing the band at the base saying who won the Emmy. Ismael has asked around the neighborhood and the family who lived at the house where he found it. No one seems to know who the Emmy belongs to.

So for now Ismael is keeping the statuette on his coffee table until he can find the real owner.


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