Burglars Killed After Safe Filled With Fireworks Explodes

9:24 AM, Oct 11, 2013   |    comments
  • Some of the debris in the aftermath of an explosion at a Hopkinton, N.H. business in which authorities say two burglars were killed when they used a blow-torch to open a safe that contained fireworks. / CBS Boston
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(CBS) HOPKINTON, N.H. - Two young men who allegedly used a blow-torch to break into a safe in a southern New Hampshire business were killed when fireworks stored in the safe exploded, officials said, according to CBS Boston.

The State Fire Marshal says the men, Lucas Bourke of Allenstown and Ethan Keeler of Epsom, both 21, were using an oxy-acetylene blow torch to try to cut into a large safe in a workshop at New Yard Landscaping in Hopkinton.

The safe reportedly contained a large amount of commercial-grade fireworks.

Officials would only say that the men did not have permission to be on the property. However, Tom Komisarek, the owner of the company, told CBS Boston the men had already loaded some items from the business into a nearby vehicle.

Komisarek says Bourke may have been familiar with the property and the safe, but not the safe's contents.

The interior of the building also suffered heavy damage from the explosion.

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