Not A Typo: Bartender in OR Gets $17,000 Tip

10:33 AM, Oct 8, 2013   |    comments
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Eugene, OR-- Great service usually comes with a good tip, but one Springfield bartender got the tip of a lifetime this week.

It was a typical trivia Tuesday at Conway's restaurant and lounge. Drinks, games and hospitality. "Just a very busy atmosphere." Along with being a bartender here, Aurora kephart also scans lottery tickets for hopeful winners. Kephart never thought that good fortune would fall back on her.

"Not in my wildest dreams."  She says one of her regular keno players tips her through unplayed tickets. "He buys multiple tickets, and he holds out the tickets and says pick which one you want."

Kephart played her cards right because the payback was an unprecedented prize:  $17, 500 dollars. A tip she thought was too exceptional to take.

"I automatically handed him back the ticket, and I said i'm sorry I can't take it. And he had me sign it, and he said you're the only one who can cash it now."

"You know you do things with a good heart... In good spirit but... When something is that big, i mean you also wonder if they're going gosh i wish i would've kept it. And it's not that way with this guy at all."

Owner George Conway says if anyone is deserving of such a lavish gift--it's kephart. "Couldn't have happened to a nicer individual, and it's really easy once you talk to her to see why somebody would want to be so nice to her."

But kephart is still pretty humble about it. And scratching her head at how a regular night at work could turn into the luck of a lifetime.

"Just took me off guard... You don't ever expect anything like that. It's fantastic. I kind of teared up, got a little misty-eyed."

The man who gave kephart the winning ticket wanted to stay anonymous.

Kephart says she'll use some of the money to buy some new couches for her home but she plans on saving the rest for now.




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