Some New $100 Bills Will Be Worth $1,000, Or More

3:52 PM, Sep 22, 2013   |    comments
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With the release of the new-look $100 bills right around the corner, some of those bills might be worth a little more than $100.

The newly designed bill is set to arrive Oct. 8, and some could be worth up to $15,000, according to The Boston Globe. The price of the new bills will be based on the eight-digit serial number each one dons.

There are several types of serial numbers, including "low" numbers (00000001 through 00000100), "ladders" (43210987), "radar" (43788734), "solids" (33333333), and "repeaters" (82118211).

The Globe reports that some of these bills with special serial numbers could sell for $1,000 with the low-number bills selling for as much as $15,000!

USA TODAY/The Newser

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