EMT Having Heart Attack, Saves Heart Attack Patient

10:27 AM, Aug 21, 2013   |    comments
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  • (Courtesy: DMC Harper University Hospital/CBS Detroit)

DETROIT -- An EMT in Detroit had a heart attack while he was treating a heart attack patient.

Joseph Hardman, 40, started having symptoms of his own while transporting the patient to the hospital, according to CBS Detroit.

Hardman told the station, that he knew right away that he was having and heart attack and didn't need a machine to confirm it. Hardman said he knows the symptoms and he was having them all.

Despite his own distress, he finished caring for his patient. Hardman said he then warned his partner, who was driving, that there would be two patients instead of one once they arrived at DMC Harper University Hospital.

Harmon didn't quit until he was sure his patient was all squared away, and doctors began working on him right across the hall from the man he helped save.

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