Ice Cream Truck Ban Law Changed After 7 Year-Old Challenges It

6:50 PM, Aug 14, 2013   |    comments
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LOVELAND - When a 7-year-old Loveland girl heard ice cream trucks could not sell their products on city streets, she wrote a letter that the mayor read before the city council meeting.

The council voted to allow the ice cream trucks. A 30-year-old city code had banned them.

"It did in fact outlaw ice cream trucks or any other vendor in the public right of way in the city of Loveland," said Tom Hacker, spokesperson with the City of Loveland. "City government sometimes moves very slowly. In this case it moved very quickly."

The mayor read Maddie Bellmar's hand-written letter during the August 6 city council meeting:

"Dear Mr. Mayor, I am writing to you about the ice cream trucks. I wish Loveland had ice cream trucks because I think it is cool. I think kids in Loveland would really like to see ice cream trucks. I hope you change the law."

Sure enough, they did.

"I was excited," Maddie said.

Council members say they received comments from dozens of Loveland residents on the issue. However, Maddie's letter was by far the crowd's favorite

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