277K Dominoes Design Topples Into World Record Book

12:27 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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Oh domino toppling! Those designs that take so long to create and so little time short to topple.

A now there's a new world record for toppling dominoes. According to UK's paper the Daily Mail, the new Guinness World Record was achieved in Budingen, Germany this week when 272,297 dominoes were toppled.

How it all went up and down:

  • Eight days to set up
  • Twelve Builders
  • 277,275 dominoes designed to show the enjoyment of nature, sports, travel and music
  • Only 272,297 actually fell over but more than enough to set a new record

One section, built with 55,000 dominoes, beat the record for most dominoes toppled in a spiral.

Sources: Daily Mail 

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