Caffeine Addiction, Intoxication Linked To Mental Health

4:52 PM, Jun 17, 2013   |    comments
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Coffee addiction is real and if you get headaches when you go a day without your coffee, you know it's real. But would you classify caffeine addiction in the mental health category? You might not, but the American Psychiatric Association does.

In its latest addition of the "Mental Health Bible," the association lists caffeine intoxication and withdrawal as new diagnoses.

Dr. Holly Phillips said on CBS This Morning withdrawal symptoms are different than intoxication symptoms. "If you are really addicted, you might have trouble concentrating, or worse, be depressed."

So how do you know if you're addicted?    Dr. Phillips said you are addicted if you feel anything,  when you skip your morning cup.

On the other side of the debate, there are some studies do show a little bit of coffee can be good for you.

If you do want to kick the habit, it's best to taper off for more than 3 weeks, do it over a vacation, or split your cups with some decaf.

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