College World Series Dugout Has Embarrassing Spelling Error

11:45 AM, Jun 16, 2013   |    comments
  • The roof of the home team dugout at TD Ameritrade Park is seen during the Indiana-Louisville game. (Photo: AP)
  • The spelling error on the dugout is visible in this Wednesday, June 12 photo. Either nobody noticed then or nobody cared to fix it. (Photo: AP)
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Omaha, NE -- Spelling is hard, you guys. Arranging letters into words in the English language is a fairly recent innovation considering the overall trajectory of mankind. Not too long ago, folks were communicating in symbols and gestures. There's a reason the Scripps National Spelling Bee airs on the same network that broadcasts the brutal contests of "Monday Night Football."

With that in mind, let's not give too much grief to the TD Ameritrade Park worker (Or workers! It could have easily been a team-effort blunder.) who couldn't spell callege colige Coolidge "college" on top of the College World Series home dugout. That's a hard word to spell - it's got at least seven letters in it.

Need I remind you that in baseball, going two-for-three is a roaring success, and the "World Series" on that dugout is flawless.

There is, however, something to say about a possible curse on whichever team uses that flawed dugout. The first home team, Oregon State, lost the CWS opener to Mississippi State and the second home team, Louisville, got shut out by Indiana.

Maybe that extra L stands for "loss."


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