'Crashed' Video Gives Real Look At Motorcycle Crashes, Safety

9:30 PM, May 12, 2013   |    comments
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Loveland, CO-- Cody Carson has never been involved in a motorcycle accident, but knows firsthand what it looks like to have been in one.

The 25-year-old participated in a 2-minute motorcycle safety awareness video created by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

The video entitled "Crashed" utilizes a makeup artist to illustrate the severe abrasions, broken bones and burns typically sustained by someone involved in a motorcycle accident that was not wearing a helmet and protective gear.

Carson played the role of the motorcycle crash victim.

"I hope the takeaway is that gear does save lives," says Carson.

It took a professional makeup artist MaryAnn Hogan 45 minutes to turn Carson into an image consistent with what trauma physicians say they see with motorcycle accident victims who are not wearing protective gear.

"We see probably 600 motorcycle crash victims in a year. The biggest difference between those who wear protective gear and those who don't are the severity of the injuries that we see. Perhaps the most important difference is the incidents of severe brain injury," Dr. Pat Offner said in the CDOT video.

Carson knows firsthand the difference a helmet and protective gear can make in a motorcycle accident. While he has never been involved in an accident, his brother Danny has.

"He's lucky. He had a minor concussion," says Carson.

The fact that his brother survived a motorcycle accident, thanks to a helmet and protective gear, is one of the reasons Carson wanted to be a part of this motorcycle safety video.

Last year in Colorado, 79 people died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Two-thirds of those were not wearing a helmet.

May is motorcycle awareness month in Colorado. The video has been posted to YouTube and has already been viewed more than 11,000 times.

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