Drone Gets Tangled Up With Lady Liberty

7:23 PM, May 4, 2013   |    comments
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Marion, OH -- Sometimes what goes up gets stuck in a statue and stays there!

A drone remains stuck in the arms of justice -- high atop the Marion County, Ohio courthouse Saturday.

The camera equipped, remote-controlled helicopter is said to be only about nine inches long but it has caused a big problem for Marion County officials -- how to get the drone down.

The aerial vehicle is wedged between the right arm of the Lady Justice statue and the sword she is holding.

The owner says he just wants his drone back. Marion County officials say they don't have a plan to pay to remove it. For now Lady Justice gets to keep it.

The owner of the drone says he lost contact with the aircraft while taking pictures of the Marion County courthouse back on April 27th. The drone has been stuck in the statue about one hundred feet off the ground ever since.

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