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Best U.S. Airports For On Time Departures

7:08 PM, May 3, 2013   |    comments
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You can almost always expect flight delays at the airport. But there are five airports that outshine others when it comes to on time departures including one Airport in North Carolina.

According to CNN, Charlotte Douglas International Airport is the eighth busiest airport in the nation with more than 41 million travelers flying out of it last year. But despite a 79% increase in travelers over the past decade the airport ranks number five when it comes to the Best U.S. Airports for Departing on Time. Flight departures were on time more than 86% last year and planes were on time with 86.2% arriving at the gate within 15 minutes of schedule.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport came in at number four on the list with 86.9% of on time departures and 85% of on time plane arrivals according to the Department of Transportation. Nearly 29 million people travel through the airport each year and it's the 13th busiest airport in the nation.

Coming in at number three, Minneapolis-St. Paul International despite rough winters the majority of flights left on time. Nearly 88% of flights made passengers happy by leaving on time last year and had an 87.2% on-time arrival rate.

Portland International sees about 13 million travelers a year at its airport. It comes in at number two, with 84.6% of flights arriving on time and 87.9% departing on time.

Salt Lake City International comes in at number one for the Best U.S. Airports for Departing on Time. It's the nation's 26th busiest airport. It had 89.8% on time flight departures and 88.6% on time flight arrival rate.


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