Armadillo Body In Cooler Outside Schools Causes Security Scare

12:11 PM, Apr 18, 2013   |    comments
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Macon, GA-- Bonaire Middle School set off a code yellow Wednesday due to a dead body in a cooler.

It wasn't just an body it armadillo's body.

School spokeswoman Beth McLaughlin says it happened after a parent arriving at school Wednesday morning noticed a cooler next to a car in the parking lot, then saw the same cooler several hours later.

The school's resource officer reported it to the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

Several officers responded to the school, and one of them eventually opened the cooler.

According to McLaughlin, it contained a dead armadillo on ice.

She said a teacher at the middle school left it there.

He said that the armadillo bit his dog, and he intended to bring it to a vet to have it checked for rabies. He left the cooler outside his car due to the smell.

The school went back to normal within an hour.

McLaughlin said school officials have not released the teacher's name. She said he is "embarrassed and totally humiliated."

The armadillo is a cat-sized, small, insect-eating mammal that originated in South America but has spread around the Southeast, including Georgia. The nine-banded armadillo is the state small mammal of Texas.

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