Anti-Rape Underwear Designed By Engineering Students In India

3:11 PM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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A group of engineering students in India has created anti-rape underwear that will deliver a 3.8 million volt to assaulters and also alert police, according to video from Reuters.

The undergarment, called Society Harnessing Equipment (S.H.E.), has strategically placed wiring that sends the electric current to the assaulter the moment he tries to press a woman's body, Reuters says.

"We wanted to bring in a solution, an instant solution, punishment on the spot, so that it can be proved as a deterrent - that the person who has tried to attempt rape on a girl should be shocked and should be terrified with that shock actually, so that he can never even dream of raping or touching a girl with an evil sense,'' says Rimpi Tripathi, one of the creators.

The invention was triggered by the rape of a 23-year-student on a New Delhi bus in December, Reuters says. The creators say they will not release the prototype until a patent is secured.


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