Hundreds Take Part In International Pillow Fight Day

8:02 PM, Apr 6, 2013   |    comments
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-- Hundreds of people dressed in costumes and pyjamas took part in a pillow fight in Hong Kong on Saturday, joining other cities around the world to celebrate International Pillow Fight Day.

Crowds cheered in an open plaza in Hong Kong's central financial district as the pillow fight organizer, Tom Grundy, announced: "You can take our freedom, but you cannot take our pillows".

"It kind of suits Hong Kong, because it's quite a high-pressure city, so it's a chance for people to let off some steam just once a year for an hour," Grundy said, as he was ambushed by the cheering crowd during the city's third annual pillow fight.

Participants were dressed in colorful costumes with one man wearing a unicorn mask and another man dressed as a pirate, waving a fake sword at the crowd.

A mock duel broke out between a man in a Spiderman costume and another in a Bruce Lee costume, as crowds cheered them on and hit each other with pillows.

"It really hurts. Turns out this hurts. Even though it hurts, I feel refreshed when I hit people," said designer Finn Yu.

A 20-year-old Finnish student at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology said that the pillow fight helped him vent his stress.

"I study at UST, a quite stressful university. Pillow fights, while they are really brutal, they help you really let out that stress on other people," Sami Hiltunen said.

Other cities around the world were also due to take part in pillow fights on Saturday.

Twenty eight cities took part in the first International Pillow Fight Day in 2008, according to its official website.


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