NJ Powerball Winner Planning To Pay Neighbors' Rent

9:34 PM, Mar 31, 2013   |    comments
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Pedro Quezada, $338 Million Powerball Winner

-- Pedro Quezada is going to spread the wealth around a little bit. The Passaic, New Jersey man just won the $338 million Powerball jackpot. He took the lump sum payout that puts $152 million in his pocket.

He's planning to pay the rent for all of the neighbors on his block for the next month or two. While many of his neighbors are stunned, others say that's typical of the hardworking immigrant from the Dominican Republic.

James Martinez lives next door to Quezada.

"I mean it's something that.... it would be kinda cool, you know? He's giving back, I mean that's pretty much what, you know, I feel ... if you win the lottery and things like that. If you can give back and it really doesn't hurt you, and that's a blessing. You know he's a good guy ... the guy you know, we get to hang around him, he's always part of this community, especially in this block, you know. He's always been up and down, whenever, whenever anybody needed something, he was always there firsthand to really give back, especially to this block, like I said. He's been my neighbor for about ... I think it's two years, or three years. It's a good thing, I'm really blessed that I get to know somebody of that caliber, and you know, it's pretty cool that he said he would do something like that, you know?"

Quezada recently retired, putting his bodega up for sale, and he took care of the $29,000 he owed for back child support. He's due in court on Monday in that matter.


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