IL Man Banned From Dancing At Mall

7:15 PM, Mar 31, 2013   |    comments
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-- He's a man who dances his way through life, wherever he goes. Larry Toolate's known by most as Quincy's Dancing Man.

"Usually I have special music I listen to. My favorite rock group is AC/DC. As long as it's danceable. I can dance to 50's music, 60's, 70's. The one I was dancing to coming up the street is a new Taylor Swift song," said Toolate.

Toolate's has kept the music alive in Quincy for the last 43 years.

"My dancing is one of the things I'll tribute to meeting my wife of 23 years, before unfortunately I lost her to Lukemia. But she loved my dancing. There wasn't a night club in town I didn't know about. I'd get on the dance floor, they'd give me my space and watch me take care of business. People stopped dancing just so they could watch me. I don't wanna blow my horn, but I thought I was pretty good," said Toolate.

At 61 years young, dancing is what keeps Toolate on his feet.

"If I sit at home all the time, my knees will swell. So as long as I get out once or twice a day, I'm good to go," said Toolate.

One of the places you could find Toolate dancing at was the Quincy Mall. That is until the Mall recently asked him to stop.

And that's when social media took up the cause to keep Toolate dancing.

It started as a conversation on facebook and that turned into hundreds of people dancing around the Quincy Mall in a flash mob to support a man's right to dance. 

Mall patrons could hear supporters through out the mall randomly chanting "Let him dance! Let him dance!" as Toolate walked and thanked people for supporting him. 

The flash mob Saturday was planned entirely through social media. Toolate has developed a fan base through a Facebook page managed by Luke Westberg. "It's awesome that people can come down and show their support for something so awesome you know?" says Westberg.

Toolate couldn't let his fans down that came out to support him. So for probably the last time at the Quincy Mall anyway, He put on a show for his hundreds of admirers right in the center of the mall.

"That was sweet. Real sweet. Just like I said, being able to dance for the people who came out today was more of a pleasure to me than anything else," says Toolate.

So for now, Toolate will continue to dance through life on the streets of Quincy until the day he reunites with his one and only dance partner.

"I like to think my wife, every now and then, is looking down at me and catching the show," said Toolate.


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